Aerial view of Downtown Konradshohe

This page is a short example of what your final group projects may look like. Your projects will quite obviously feature information on real places and will include much more information, but this serves as a visual starting point for your work.

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== Konradshohe, Germany==

Konradshohe, a city populated by approximately 65,000 gremlins and talking lions, was founded in the year 1647 by a visionary named Spock. It quickly attracted settlers due to its proximity to rivers and mild climate. Its rivers allowed for an advantageous trade position with the nearby cities of Vulcan and San Francisco, and its climate generated an atmosphere perfectly suited for cash crops such as Nutella.

Though the city grew rapidly, its economy changed little over the next few centures until the Leprechaun War. At this point it became a center for munitions production, with an annual output in the millions of Pumpkin-47s. It emerged from the war completely untouched, setting the stage for its industrial expansion and economic diversification in the following decades.

Today the city serves as the hub for a metropolitan region of nearly 1 million gremlins, talking lions, and humpback whales (though no humpback whales exist within the city limits). Persistent problems with industrial pollution and intense traffic congestion have increased demand for housing and job growth in its suburbs, and some abandonment of the central city core has reduced the city's tax base and ability to attract new investment.

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