Getting Started (REQUIRED, SO READ ME!)

  1. Sign up for a Wikia account.
  2. E-mail me, Blackboard me, contact me somehow and give me your username.
  3. I will make you an administrator at this Wiki. Check this site after a few days to keep tabs on this.
  4. Go to your group's homepage once you are an administrator.
  5. On the menu at the left side of the screen click "Create a new article."
  6. A screen prompt will appear. Name your page with your first name and last initial. If you know your topic you can include that too, but it is not necessary. You are given the choice of creating a blank page or a page using a template. This is entirely your choice; you can add things later if you choose a blank page. You can also change the template if you go that route, so do not worry about making a permanent decision you can't change later.
  7. Click the red button at the bottom of the prompt screen. It should say "Create new article."
  8. Your new wiki page will appear in editing mode on the screen.
  9. At the bottom of the screen click the red button that says "Save page."
  10. Your new wiki page will appear in viewing mode on the screen.
  11. In the blue bar at the top of your page click on "Protect."
  12. The protection page for your page will appear.
  13. In the "Edit" box (the top one), click on "Administrators only." This will prevent people who are not enrolled in this class from making changes to your site.
  14. At the bottom of the page click the red button that says "Confirm."
  15. Congratulations! You're done! Your wiki page is ready to go. You can log in and add to it as you please.

Note: The bottom of the privacy page includes an option that says "Protect pages included in this page (cascading protection)." Do not check that box; for some reason it prevents you from adding anything other than text to your page.


At this time Wikia does not have the feature of locking a page for one specific user. Thus, every person in the class will have the ability to edit any page. Do not edit any pages other than your own. Keep in mind the "History" section of a wiki page keeps a log of edits made to a page. This means I know if you have altered someone else's page. Editing someone else's page without their permission is considered academic dishonesty and will result in a failing grade for the assignment and course. If you suspect someone has altered your page without your permission let me know immediately.

I very strongly recommend you back up your data in a Word or other office document on your computer to prevent the possibility of losing information due to unauthorized changes.

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